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This nylon surface has been widely used around the globe for many sports. Its greatest use to date has been for Soccer and Field Hockey. With its rugged construction, factory applied urethane foam backing and scrim protection makes it the most versatile product. The added application of Velcro edges thus transforms this product into the easiest roll up system. Product uses include Baseball and Lacrosse.


This surface is noted as one of the up and coming surfaces for the 21st century. Its combination of nylon and polypropylene fibres filled with a rubber crumb makes this a loved surface for the soccer player. Originally designed just for soccer this surface is quickly becoming a hit for American style Football, Lacrosse and many other traditional field uses.


Long life, durability and playability are what will greet you every day with a traditional AstroTurf surface. Primarily used for American style Football this surface can also host Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Concerts and even Putting Greens.

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